bodynoise_on_mtroyal0Goldjian is a transdisciplinary researcher, dancer and multimedia artist interested in the political, epistemic and poetic aspects of collaborative platforms and participative devices. She has a PhD in Communication and in Sociology and wrote her thesis on “The Negotiation of Contributions in Public Wikis.” This theoretical work led her to engage with the poetics of collective contributions through various forms – relational movement, dance improvisation, performances, multimedia and mixed media installation. Inspired by free culture, she mostly explores the relationships between digital material, participative devices, the public and collective action. As a techno-feminist, she also facilitates participatory process and mutual learning and likes to make visible, readable and malleable the processes of co-construction of knowledge. She introduces relational practices (toward humans and technologies) in digital arts and hacker culture, and creates intimate spaces toward collective emancipation.wigwam is built bw sm