Operating Systems

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Performance for computer code, electronics noises and improvised movement, Operating Systems <Performance Tests> focuses on the source of power in technological systems. The piece consists of a series of Performance Tests, associating:
• Command line poetry and computer instructions
• Live noise picked up from the computers and audification of their electromagnetic fields
• Improvised danced interpretation and rebellion against the sounds and the commands


Operating Systems is a computer code, sound and dance performance. It is reflecting on the relation between humans, computers and the operating systems via which the computers are accessed (like Mac OS or Linux or Windows). An integral perspective shall consider operating technical, organizational and somatic systems.

Considering systems and their operation in a broader context, we look at the powerful relation between hardware, software, textual interfaces to communicate with it and the human. All together we are testing the performance of the system. All together we operate the systems. All together we also form, shape and resist the system.

For longer presentation of the performance project, follow this link:
Operating Systems Description

Performances tests

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